Sizzle Reel including vids for Of Mice & Men, Clint Lowery, Seafret, Glitter Machine, Greywind, Old Sea Brigade and others.
Sizzle Reel featuring ads for Dubai, Barker & Stonehouse, Dreams, Supercasino, Flymo and others.
0:04 Mime (short) - Co-directed with Gavin Williams
Bitesize Horror / Huluween. Disney / 20th Century Digital 2019
Premiered on FX Channel, Halloween 2020.
Official Selection: Cannes Series, Frightfest, Screamfest L.A.
2:07 Eclipse (short - excerpt)
Judges Finalist and Winner - Best Cinematography, My Rode Reel 2015 Short Film Competition
4:10 Chromophobia (short - excerpt) Co-directed with Gavin Williams
Official Selection Trieste Film Festival and Alter 2018
6:08  Newcastle / New Dehli (comedy sketch)
BBC Online / Jesting about 2013
8:33 Behind You (short - excerpt) Co-directed with Gavin Williams
Official Selection: Sitges IFF 2021, Frightfest and Screamfest L.A.
11:03 Qatar Insurance Branded Drama (excerpt)
I'm a UK based director and editor of commercials, music videos, branded content and shorts. All the work featured here was directed, cut and finished by me. I'm happy to travel for work, pitch a treatment or just have a chat. Socials below or drop me an email at:
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