Drama Reel
0:04 Mime (short)
Bitesize Horror / Huluween. Disney / 20th Century Digital 2019
Premiered on FX Channel, Halloween 2020.
Official Selection: Cannes Series, Frightfest, Screamfest L.A.
2:07 Eclipse (short - excerpt)
Judges Finalist and Winner - Best Cinematography, My Rode Reel 2015 Short Film Competition
4:10 Chromophobia (short - excerpt)
Official Selection Trieste Film Festival and Alter 2018
6:08  Newcastle / New Dehli (comedy sketch)
BBC Online / Jesting about 2013
8:33 Behind You (short - excerpt)
Official Selection: Sitges IFF 2021, Frightfest and Screamfest L.A.
11:03 Qatar Insurance Branded Drama (excerpt)
Music Video Reel
Commercials Reel
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